Shipping and return policies for thedevilzwork

Shipping Info
All orders are packed as soon as we receive orders & we take care to make sure it's shipped the same day.
Please allow for 2 weeks if it's the US/Canada/South America
and 2-3 weeks if it's an order to the UK/Europe.
We do send orders via express post worldwide, we don't want our customers to be waiting too long for the goods.
Return Policy
If it's busted, we'll replace it.
Send us your details, & pictures (if possible) of the merch received in bad condition.
We take upmost care to make sure all merch sent is well packed, safely & neatly.
If it's the wrong size (T's, etc), we will send you the appropriate size if you wish, but we cannot return the funds unless the product is damaged (and you don't want a replacement).